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IKEA was born on the idea that home can be both luxurious and affordable. With the company's large consumer base; IKEA has the platform to support more than just beautiful spaces. 


I dreamed up #helphome. A branded campaign that strives to break the mold of what is usual on social media, and create real-time awareness for pressing natural disasters, with a personal touch. #helphome can take off with a few clever JPEGS, and a donation microsite. The first being a branded cover image to support the hand crafted campaign, then sketches of spaces from areas that are effected by current disasters. 


Below is an example of the real-time awareness #helphome can support. Drawing inspiration from the 2018 earthquakes that damaged over 70 homes in Hawaii. 

October 2018  |  Personal Venture  |  Design 

Post Illustrations


Social media posts with stories to tell, that break up the feed of images.

Illustrations will vary based on topic. 



Coming Soon!


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