VB+P Careers Tab

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​Venables Bell + Partners needed to add a careers tab to their website. Our Studio Team was tasked to highlight current opportunities as well as company culture. We holistically outlined the most compelling information about the agency on post-its. Then I was tasked with further developing the content in photoshop, for the final output.


HR responded to our efforts, saying applications flowed in rapidly, and creative inquiries rose 15% from 2017.

March 2018  |  Venables Bell + Partners  |  Layout Design


Creative Director: Gus Johnston   .   Art Director: Lachlan Palmer    .   Mechanical Artist: Will Larson     .   Designer: Steph Hastings   .   Producer: Tess Rockers


Producer: Jeff Macke  .   Design Lead: Natalie Cowan    .   Designer: Steph Hastings   .   Design Assistance: Frankie Negron

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